Mystic Shot

    De " Mystic Shot"  is een funny trendy duplex studio with a mega big terrace .


                                    Small but very cosy living room with open kitchen.





     Kitchen fully equipped with microwave, kitchen utensils, pots/pans/ coffee     maker/ kettle.


                                     Big SMART TV on the wall !

                                    Glass dinner table with very comfortable leather chairs


             Bathroom with shower.



   On the second level big bedroom with private roof terrace!





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                                               Afbeelding invoegen

                         Entrance hall with washing machine/dryer and space for bicycle                                                            

                    The MYSTIC SHOT is located in Lange Dijkstraat which is very close to Italielei on 100                             meter from the new park spoor Noord. 

             RENTAL PRICE : 950 euro ALL-COSTS INCLUDED : electricity, internet, heating, water, tv-                    cable, fire insurance and use of washingmachine.